Bandtastic Studios
SouthEnd District, Charlotte, NC
Offering Professional Band Rehearsal Rooms
(704) 491-1213

Please see Sizes & Prices for room availability, rates and sizes.

Since 1999, Bandtastic Studios has been offering monthly rehearsal room rentals to mature & professional instrument-playing bands. No session-recording or production-mixing is permitted.  Only Monthly room rentals are offered and we do not provide any instruments. Due to our construction limitations & constraints, "over-the-top" loud/aggressive bands will not able to rent at this practice space. A full drum kit with just the vocals in the speakers and un-mic'd guitar amps is considered a normal setup. Our rehearsal spaces are located in the South End District near Lowe's Home Improvement.


  • Location, Location, Location! We're near the new Lowe's!
  • 24-Hour Access Via A Keypad Entrance
  • Alarm System & 24-Hour Video Monitoring
  • 9 different Monthly Rooms Of Various Sizes
  • Free internet access & PC in the lobby
  • 24-Hour Central Heating and Air Conditioning (stays 69 degrees year-round)
  • Commercial Carpeting & Dry-walled Rooms with Drop-Ceiling Tiles & Recessed Lighting
  • Continuous Power For Mini-Refrigerators
  • High Capacity Circuits & Many Plugs In Each Room
  • Common Area Bathrooms
  • Secure Building With Excellent Outdoor Lighting
  • Covered loading ramp
  • Safe & well-lit parking lot & unloading area
  • Comfortable Mingling Lounge & Vending Machine
  • Mature, Respectful, & Professional Bands As Your Neighbors
Contact Us for more info. | 704.491.1213