Bandtastic Studios
SouthEnd District, Charlotte, NC
Offering Professional Band Rehearsal Rooms
(704) 491-1213

Our goal here at Bandtastic Studios is to create a fantastic environment for professional and mature musicians. Our studio facility is always clean and a cool 69 degrees. No loud/aggressive bands can rent at this location. Use the facility to enjoy the best days of your lives doing what you love to do the most! The following should help us maintain such an environment...

Lease Details

  • No "loud & aggressive" bands are permitted
  • All band members must sign a lease. Two will need to provide a credit card number, where one card will be automatically charged each month
  • Auto-renewing month-to-month leases, so no long-term lease obligation required
  • One month's rent as a deposit is required
  • 30 day departure notice is required
  • NO sub-leasing or businesses, such as lessons, recording studio sessions, etc., are permitted
  • In general, treat the facility & neighbors with respect by avoiding damage to the doors, walls and carpeting.
  • 24 hour access, 7 days a week
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING INDOORS! This includes the bathrooms, lobby, and your room. There is a $100 fine for smoking indoors and immediate termination of your lease.
  • Only leave on low power items such as mini-refrigerators when you leave.
  • Always keep the self-locking front door closed while you are in your band room.
  • The facility is monitored 24 hours via an alarm system and camera system.
  • Respect thy neighbor! Keep your doors closed when practicing. Drummers should try to set the volume bar by using items such as moon gel dampeners.
  • Take out your trash! The easiest way is to use provided kitchen bags that can be carried out on your way home. Do not leave food and other perishable items in your rooms. There is a dumpster on the west side of the building.
  • There is plenty of parking is available right to the side of the building. Never leave your car blocking the loading area which can hold 3 vehicles.
  • False alarms are no joke so remember your code! You will be fined $100 for each false alarm that you set off which is only done by not knowing how to disarm the system correctly.
  • are the volume master! Please try to dampen your volume with moon gel. If the drums are loud, the others will need to get loud, so it's up to you to set the volume pace here!
  • Two small 15" mains on posts in the corners for vocals seems to work the best. Unless you are recording, you should never be mic-ing your amplifiers or drums into the mains. | 704.491.1213