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Offering Professional Band Rehearsal Rooms
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UPDATED: October 1, 2022:
Room 1 @ $350/month: Not Available
Room 2 @ $275/month: Not Available
Room 3 @ $300/month: Not Available
Room 4 @ $300/month: Not Available
Room 5 @ $350/month: Not Available
Room 6 @ $350/month: Not Available
Room 7 @ $350/month: Not Available
Room 8 @ $275/month: Not Available
Room 9 @ $225/month: Not Available

Please email to be notified of other rooms that open in the future. It's definitely worth the wait! Include your band website and number of members. We typically have tenants stay for an average of about 3-5 years so if something opens, it pretty much gets booked up again within one week or less.


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Bandtastic Studio Rooms
We offer 9 different monthly-lease rooms with central heat & A/C at 69 degrees year-round, commercial carpeting,
drop ceilings, drywalled walls, 20 amp outlets, 24 hour access, alarm system,
exaust fans in each room, and many other features described on our home page.
We do not offer hourly room rentals. Rooms may not be shared and no businesses
can operate from these rooms including music instruction and recording services.


Room 1 (Shown Below)
Size: 16 x 14, plus an 8 x 10 recording booth/storage area (304 sq. ft.)
Price: $350/month
Features: 8 x 10 recording booth/storage area, close to front door for easy loading. Note, the built-in desk shown here has been removed!

Room 2
Size: 11.5 x 13 (150 sq. ft.)
Price: $275/month
Features: Close to front door for easy loading



Room 3
(Instruments not included)
Size: 13 x 14 (182 sq. ft.)
Price: $300/month
Features: Close to front door for easy loading

Room 4
(Instruments not included)
Size: 13 x 14 (182 sq. ft.)
Price: $300/month
Features: Private corner room
Room 5
Size: 19 x 16 (304 sq. ft.)
Price: $350/month
Features: Kitchen sink & cabinets, private corner room

Room 6
NOTE: Sound dampening not shown in photo.
Size: 16 x 15.5 (248 sq. ft.)
Price: $350/month
Features: The best room in the facility!

Room 7
Size: 14 x 17 (238 sq. ft.)
Price: $350/month
Features: Recessed lighting on dimmer switch, built-in bookcases, beautifully finished
Room 8
Size: 11 x 13.5 (149 sq. ft.)
Price: $275/month
Features: Nice private corner room
Room 9
Size: 10.5 x 10 (105 sq. ft.)
Price: $225/month
Features: Perfect room for trios at a great price! This room was recently remodeled with an exposed brick wall, all new insulation, sound-dampening drywall, new air return and new carpeting.

Well Lit Parking Lot


Keypad Front Door Lock


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